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Photographic Tour in Jávea

Jávea is considered one of the most beautiful towns of the Mediterranean coast, not only for its famous coves, but for the bohemian surroundings that you will be able to discover through the photographic tour in Jávea.

Jávea has everything you need to spend a few days of amazing vacation.  It has beautiful coves, located in a delightful enclave and in a natural environment that surprises all its visitors.  You can discover coves such as Cala Ambolo, Cala Barraca, Cala Sardinera, Cala Blanca or the Cala Granadella.  Beautiful coves that are well-known in the area for their crystal-clear waters and paradise-like environment.

In addition to its crystal-clear waters, in Jávea you will be able to admire two lighthouses that limit the coastal territory, the lighthouse of San Antonio and the lighthouse of Cabo de la Nao.  Two spots that make Jávea a guiding point for sailing across the Mediterranean Sea.

The Best Way to Get to Know the Sunrise in Spain is Taking a Photographic Tour in Jávea

Through this photography tour in Jávea, you will get to know its historic center, located two kilometers from the coastline, a corner of Jávea that hides beautiful samples of local architecture, as well as famous monuments such as the Church of San Bartolomé, the Market of Jávea, and an ample number of restaurants that offer dishes from Alicante cuisine, as the focal point of the town.

Discovering this town through a photographic tour in Jávea is the best option as you will discover idyllic spots that will leave you in awe, since Jávea is not a seaside tourist town like many others, but a town with a picture setting and with a myriad of spots to discover.

Discover the sunrise of Spain through this photographic tour in Jávea!